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“…amped-up performances from the likes of Alejandro Tey, Stephanie Shum and RjW Mays” - Chicago Tribune

“The electrifying Stephanie Shum…is absolutely magnetic” - Chicago Theatre Review

“T (Stephanie Shum)…is perfectly drawn, with nuance and heart.” - Chicago Theater Beat

Plainclothes (2018)

Plainclothes (2018)

Second Skin (2018)

Second Skin (2018)

“…we are latched—maybe only breaking from Quinn’s spell long enough to make a mental note at how mesmerizing Shum’s performance is.” - Picture This Post

“It opens with her daughter, Quinn (Stephanie Shum) giving one of the most realistically-cadenced monologues I can recall seeing. Every word is delivered as if it is just coming into her head at the moment….Shum handles it brilliantly; within seconds, we can easily believe that we are hearing a real person talk, rather than the too-polished writing and performance one often sees.”
- Chicago On Stage

★★★★★ - TimeOut Chicago

"Most plays, including those on the more meta end of the spectrum, do not come close to confronting their own creation and purpose this way. Most plays also do not have Stephanie Shum, bristling with rage, get up in an audience member’s face, call them out, and threaten them with physical violence, desisting only when bodily pulled back." - Picture This Post

"Stephanie Shum’s trademark intensity never wavers"
- Chicago Theater beat

"Shum, a spitfire of energy, goes from tireless smack talk to disconcertingly quiet." - Fourth Walsh

A Story Told in Seven Fights (2018)

A Story Told in Seven Fights (2018)

The Crucible ( 2017)

The Crucible (2017)

"The ensemble wears many hats, quite literally in some cases. Stephanie Shum swiftly moves through characters without faltering." - Buzz News

"Stephanie Shum’s multi-character portrayal of Ann Putnam, the young Susanna Walcott, and Martha Corey display versatility and finesse." - Rescripted

Feature in AScene by Mia Park

Harbur Gate  (2018)

Harbur Gate (2018)

"Stephanie Shum and Felipe Carassco are especially strong as a mismatched, but still functional team: he's a traditional jarhead who doesn't believe women have a place in the marines; she's a marine who does." - Chicago Reader

"...deftly handled by Stephanie Shum, who in the second scene shows her true worth." - Around the Town Chicago

"Both actors are magnificent in this scene, she repressed and suspicious, he chauvinistic and rebellious." - Picture This Post

Mother of Smoke  (2017)

Mother of Smoke (2017)

"...notable monologue is by Cassandra (Stephanie Shum) and is, fittingly, about the frustration of attempting to use Facebook to change the world....Shum is very funny and frantic as Varya, and is as adept at physical work..." - Around the Town Chicago

"Stephanie Shum’s Cassandra rages at Becky in a cathartic monologue...Shum, Kelsey Shipley and Alex Rodriguez provide lightness and grounding at the same time, pulling us from a laugh right into the darkness at hand." - Newcity Stage

Kin Folk  (2016)

Kin Folk (2016)

"Shum's portrayal of Dusk's painful vulnerability is a strong counter to Lucy's self indulgence." - Newcity Stage

"Shum brings forth a lonely aspect as Dusk" - Chicago Theater Beat

"The well-tuned ensemble cast are each ideal in their roles, though I particularly enjoyed Stephanie Shum as an unexpected werewolf" - Buzz On Stage

Daily Herald Feature by Alicia Lee
Actress from Buffalo Grove blends fantasy, reality for 'Kin Folk' role 

Circle-Machine (2015)

"Kosmatka and Shum are both delightful: ideal travelling companions for a tough, sometimes difficult road." - Newcity Stage

"Shum is a fiery Dulle Griet, who has finally found a positive use for all her energy. She has several poetic monologues, which she delivers with intense introspection." - Chicago Critic

"Hilarious and heart-breaking...The hardened Shum awakens onstage as her maternal instinct overpowers her rebellious nature." - The Fourth Walsh

"The cast's powerful, often thrilling acting" - Chicago Reader

Kate and Sam Are Not Breaking Up  (2013)

Kate and Sam Are Not Breaking Up (2013)

★★★★★ - TimeOut Chicago

Nominated for Best New Work (Joseph Jefferson Awards)

"Stephanie Shum is superb as the hyper psycho" - Chicago Critic

"Anyone who can relate to Becky needs to get a life, but Shum again seems hard to beat in her role. She never missed a beat delivering Becky’s rambling thoughts that spew from her mouth at machine-gun pace." - Showbiz Chicago

"a tiny whirlwind of disconnected aggression and faux-ingratiating kindness" - Newcity Stage

reWILDing Genius  (2014)

reWILDing Genius (2014)

"Stephanie Shum’s mysterious, reticent Grandmaster offers several surprises" - Chicago Theatre Review

"often-funny deadpan line readings" - Chicago Tribune

Alice  (2013)

Alice (2013)

"Front and center is Stephanie Shum whose Alice is defiantly likable in her warm-hearted openness to new characters and strange experiences." - Chicago Critic